VELODROM Handlebar Bag - Black


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The Velodrom Handlebar Bag  - Black has been manufactured with selected durable and resistant materials handcrafted by our friends of Duo Bags. The outside part is manufactured with 420d nylon which is water-resistant, and it will protect your riding essentials from the weather and road elements.

One of the most important features of this bag is that it maintains its shape even if it is filled or not. We have seen other bags in the market that do not maintain the shape when you remove items from the inside, making it clunky, uncomfortable and a bit "ugly" when it is half-empty due to the irregular shape. You won't be disappointed with our bag as it will maintain its shape during its entire life since it is manufactured with an HPDE material on the inside.

The Velodrom Handlebar Bag  - Black  features YKK and Aquaguard water repellent zippers, maintaining the water and moisture outside the bag.

The capacity of the bag is 2 liters, offering more than enough space to carry food, a camera, a smartphone, and a lightweight jacket.

This bag offers 3 attachment points to maintain the bag in place: 2 straps attach to the handlebar and 1 elastic to the headset. 

This bag is the essential companion for your long training days, your gravel rides, or your adventures exploring the wild. 


- Manufactured with Cordura® fabrics.
- Dimensions: 22.5 cm x 12.5 cm
- Storage Capacity: 2,3L
- Waterproof zipper.
- Waterproof liner.
- The bag stays in shape with an HPDE material on the inside.